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Hotel Cimbel

Welcome to Benidorm

Where are we?

Address: Avenida Europa, 1, 03503, Benidorm, Spain

Hotel Cimbel

Where you dreamt of being

What sets us apart is our privileged location, so close to the sea it feels as if you could reach out and touch it. You can always see the beauty of the Mediterranean from our facilities as we are right in front of Levante Beach, only a 5-minute walk away from the city centre. You will easily reach us and find a guaranteed parking space waiting on your arrival.

Watch a real-time stream of Levante Beach!
Hotel Cimbel


We are in one of the most visited cities in Spain, with privileged weather, vast beaches with fine sand and crystal-clear water, and a balanced combination of marine and urban settings, all of which make Benidorm a unique destination bound to make an impression.

Hotel Cimbel

Levante Beach

Guests can access the beach straight from our pool. This area is characterised by its fine sand and wide variety of water sports. It is also perfectly adapted for disabled people. In summer, you’ll find a beach library right in front of our facilities, where you can relax while enjoying a good book.